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Conflicting Data on DEI Efficacy

Published 3 months ago • 1 min read

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I've rounded up some intriguing snippets/resources on the edge of Higher Ed innovation—just for you.

Polymath Insights

Samantha Postman, an authority on Polymaths, champions a liberal style education and the value of lifelong learning.

Her insights are worth a watch.

The Power of Positioning

Dive into a fascinating discussion with author/consultant Sebastian Hildago on strategic positioning.

In this clip, he explains how Lamborghini can charge nearly 100k more than Audi FOR THE SAME CAR.

Sebastian Clip

DEI Initiatives - A Critical Look

Scott Galloway offers a provocative take on DEI programs within academia, sparking much-needed conversation on their impact and direction.

See his thoughts.

Diversity's Impact on Performance

Conversely, McKinsey's latest report underscores the vital role of DEI, linking leadership diversity to financial success and more fulfilled workforces.

Read the full report.

Simplifying Data Visualization

I've developed a free tool for crafting University Data Visualizations from spreadsheets.

No complex software required. Check it.

What hurdles are you tackling in implementation, my friend?

Respond and let me know...



Hi, I'm Mike!

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