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Hi there Reader,

I hope you are navigating challenges with your usual tenacity and insight.

Staying ahead means continuously seeking out tools and resources that not only meet current demands but also anticipate future trends.

Here's a glimpse into what's been catching my attention at the fringes of Higher Ed.

Underrated Emerging Technology: The "No Code" Movement

The "No Code" movement is democratizing app development.

Outside of Higher Education, it's empowering businesses to create more sophisticated solutions in-house.

This innovation is set to expand solution diversity and challenge legacy providers to deliver enhanced value.

Though use cases differ, a few my favorites include: Softr, Bubble, and Notion.

University-Specific Data Visualization Software

Speaking of, I've developed a (free) University KPI Dashboard I’ll be using as a Lead Magnet. [Check it out here]

It's designed to streamline data interpretation, enhance decision-making processes, and enhance campus community/board reporting.

(If you have five spare minutes, I’d love your candidate feedback!)

Management Consulting Frameworks to Upskill Your Teams

In an era of relentless change, the fundamentals of strategy and problem-solving remain crucial.

Here are 6 Tools/Frameworks I’ve found quite useful.

Surprising Podcast Recommendation:

In a recent episode of the Modern Wisdom podcast, journalist and free speech activist Rikki Schlott delves into the nuances of cancel culture and free speech.

Schlott's exploration into Twitter bans, the motivations behind cancel culture, and the fine line between cancellation and accountability provide a thought-provoking perspective that's particularly relevant to the discourse in academia.

Her analysis of the case of Carole Hooven - who was fired from Harvard for acknowledging Biological sex - is particularly interesting.

[Link to Podcast]

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If you find these topics intriguing and wish to delve deeper into how they can be leveraged for your institution, let's set aside some time to discuss.

As always, I'm here to support your journey.

Warm regards,

Mike O'Connor
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Hi, I'm Mike!

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