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How 1.5M Data Points and an Army of Robots Saved a College…

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Hi there Reader,

Diving into this week's insights from the fringes of the Academy...

New Website Alert: I’ve revamped my branding to better highlight my edge in leveraging Data/AI to address institutional pain in higher education. While "Consultant" still doesn’t sit perfect, it’s growing on me (I think). Check out the fresh look and let me know your thoughts: Visit Now.

Messaging Magic: In a time where so many institutions struggle to differentiate, I'm baffled by how antiquated institutional marketing can be. Here's a snapshot of how I use AI to revolutionize communication:

  • Personalized AI Prompts: Crafting tailored messages with sophisticated logic.
  • Data-Driven Personalization: Utilizing 50+ unique data points for unmatched relevance.
  • Advanced Segmentation: Delivering content that resonates and engages effectively.

See it in action: Watch Here.

Featured Article: "Gad Saad: The Psychological Deficiencies Behind Jew Hatred" Explore the troubling connection between psychological biases and anti-Semitic prejudice. This piece sheds light on how scapegoating not only divides but blocks meaningful self-reflection and societal progress. Read Full Article.

Spotlight on Mental Health: "Bad Therapy: Why the Kids Aren't Growing Up" by Abigail Shrier Discover the potential missteps in modern mental health practices affecting Gen Z:

  • Increased mental health issues despite more interventions.
  • The downsides of popular methods like talk therapy and gentle parenting.

Dive deeper into Shrier’s insights: Excert from her Interview on Modern Wisdom.

Stay informed. Stay agile.

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-Mike O’Connor

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Hi, I'm Mike!

Advanced Data Strategies for Higher Education Leadership

With 17 years of insider experience, I specialize in enhancing university operations and strategic planning through innovative, data-driven solutions. Receive succinct, powerful insights on using analytics and artificial intelligence to streamline operations, increase ROI, and make informed strategic decisions. Ideal for C-suite aiming to do more with less and navigate the complexities of modern higher education.

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