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Published 2 months ago • 1 min read

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I hope this message finds you thriving.

Apologies for the brief silence - I've been deep-diving in a few data projects, and am now surfacing with a few insights I thought you'd find valuable.

Clay: Your Gateway to Customized Outreach Speaking of data, Clay is the best tool I’ve found, re: HIGHLY Customized Outreach. It allows users to scale highly personalized outbound campaigns - and fast. The tool combines 50+ data sources, web-scraping functionality, and AI integrations to personalize outreach (re: Admissions, Fundraising, etc., etc.). Watch How I Use It.

Unlocking Chat GPT's Full Potential With These Three Prompts While Chat GPT has captured the headlines, its "Data Analyst" feature remains under-explored. Mastering specific prompts can unlock its full capacity, from ensuring thorough analysis to tapping into unparalleled detail. Three specific prompts that have revolutionized my analysis: "Run this until it's completely finished," "Provide output in autistic-level detail," and the "Persona Maker."

A Generational Divide: Perspectives on Feminism A startling study reveals a generational shift in attitudes towards feminism and gender roles, spotlighting the growing divide between Gen Z men and their older counterparts. This Guardian article referencing a comprehensive analysis explores the complex interplay of social media influence, cultural perceptions, and the evolving landscape of gender equality.

Let's Connect Which of these insights sparked your curiosity, Reader? Your thoughts are invaluable to me, and I'd relish the opportunity to delve deeper into these topics together.

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P.S. Ready for a deeper dive? Let’s schedule a time to explore these topics further and uncover how they can impact our work and worldviews.

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Hi, I'm Mike!

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