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The Chat GPT Prompt Outperforming Most University Brand Consultants...

Published 24 days ago • 1 min read

Greetings Reader,

Dropping in with a few high-impact insights from the academic fringe to help spark ideation...

Critique Your University Website in 20 Seconds: Ever wondered how your website stands up against competitors? Use this ChatGPT prompt to find out fast: "You're a positioning expert in the vein of Al Ries & Jack Trout, tasked with critiquing college websites. Focus on their branding and positioning to help improve their market strategy, referencing ‘The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing’ in under 150 words. First, note something about the site. Then, bridge that observation to how it might present an opportunity or issue. Why should this matter to them?”

FAFSA Forecasts a Fall: Attention, the latest figures are in and they’re startling—FAFSA applications have plummeted by over 30%. This drop hints at a potential seismic shift in 2024's college enrollments, affecting not just academia but also workforce dynamics and funding across sectors. Read the full breakdown here.

DEI Dynamics: A fresh report from The Chronicle documents a nationwide pullback from diversity initiatives at colleges, driven by new policies in 16 states. From Florida’s ban on DEI offices to Arizona nixing diversity statements, the landscape is rapidly changing. Dive deeper into these shifts (requires log-in).

Campus Controversy at Columbia: Jewish students are raising alarms over the university’s tepid response to pro-Palestine protests, feeling increasingly marginalized. Despite policies requiring approval for such demonstrations, a "liberated zone" has sprung up unchecked, stirring significant campus tension. Full coverage here.

Stay informed, stay nimble.

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Hi, I'm Mike!

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