The Community College Competitive Advantage (And How to Steal It)

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Federal Innovation Push Brings ‘Moment of Change’ for Community Colleges

The NSF’s CHIPS and Science Act investment is revolutionizing community colleges by funding regional innovation engines to support emerging tech and workforce training.

Initiatives like the Piedmont Triad Regenerative Medicine Engine exemplify how these investments create jobs, drive economic growth, and advance technology.

This aligns perfectly with our economic development work where we leverage data/AI analysis, identify potential regional partners, and create credit-bearing coursework marrying workforce demands with institutional missions...

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Generative AI: Key Trends and Insights for Higher Ed Leaders

Generative AI is rapidly transforming industries, with market value expected to exceed $200 billion by 2030.

As AI tools like ChatGPT gain traction, they offer innovative ways to enhance institutional productivity and engagement at low cost.

The implications for higher education are profound—ranging from integrating AI into curricula to leveraging AI for administrative efficiency and student support.

50+ Mind Blowing AI Stats

Software Product Marketing Managers: A Massive Field with No Programs.

As launching new products becomes more challenging, the role of product marketing managers (PMMs) has emerged as crucial for software companies.

PMMs provide essential expertise in navigating the complex path to market acceptance, ensuring that products meet customer needs and achieve commercial success.

Yet: there are VERY few academic programs/pathways for entering this vital field - and fewer emphasizing the intersection of technical proficiency and market strategy.

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