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The World of Work Will Never Be The Same...

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Diving into this week’s insights tailored for forward-thinking leaders in higher education...

What New Grads Can Expect When They Enter the Workforce

New grads are hanging up their caps, gowns, and stoles, and preparing to enter the world of work—yet it looks quite different than it did a few years ago.

As AI and automation intensify shifts, some jobs will be lost, many others will be created, but almost all will change.

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Making Sense of IPEDS + Outcomes Data + Labor Projections with Chat GPT

A recent project is uncovering intriguing connections between academic majors, occupational demand, wage projections, and enrollment trends.

By leveraging Chat GPT w faculty budget lines and investments, we aim to help improve resource allocation, strategic planning, and admissions strategies.

See a simplified version of our methodology.

Who Runs the Best U.S. Schools? It May Be the Defense Department

Schools for children of military members achieve results rarely seen in public education.

This article explores how the Defense Department’s schools outperform their public counterparts and what lessons can be learned.

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A Tool My Silicon Valley Friends Love.... Coda Brain: Your Team’s Favorite Know-It-All

Coda is launching a turnkey AI platform, designed to help teams spend less time hunting for information and more time putting data to work.

Coda Brain integrates seamlessly with institutional data, providing secure and comprehensive insights.

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Hi, I'm Mike!

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