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What does innovation look like at [COMPANY GOES HERE]?

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Hi there Reader,

Hope you're navigating the winter with zest and innovation...

Here again are some tools and resources at the edges of Education innovation...

🌟 Extreme Brainstorming for Breakthrough Ideas

These prompts stretch reality to the brink, offering fresh perspectives that could lead to unique business models and strategies.

Perfect for your next senior staff or leadership retreat. These prompts will help you "think different".

Extreme Brainstorming Techniques

🔍 Your Institution's Distinctiveness: Does the Market Recognize It?

A powerful thought to ponder: Are we truly market-oriented in our strategic planning?

Discover why understanding your true position in the marketplace is crucial (and why few places do).

Read the Full Insight

🧠 Systems Thinking in Leadership

Embrace a broader perspective with systems thinking – a strategy that's about understanding the interconnectedness of our actions and their wider impacts.

Learn More About Systems Thinking (and how to integrate into your campus)

💡 Integrating AI into Educational Frameworks

From enhancing research to improving administrative tasks, understanding the implementation of LLMs is crucial.

Discover the four key steps for successful AI onboarding on your campujs:

AI Integration

🤖 Practical AI Applications in Higher Ed

Related: Check out how Penn State is pioneering the use of AI for streamlining processes.

Penn State’s AI Story

🚀 Emerging Pedagogy: Challenge Based Innovation (CBI)

CBI is revolutionizing learning by fostering interdisciplinary skills and real-world problem-solving abilities.

How can we integrate CBI to better prepare our students for the complexities of modern society?

Research into CBI

In all of these, the key takeaway is clear: innovation, technology, and forward-thinking approaches are not just options but necessities in today's educational landscape.

Your thoughts and feedback are invaluable.

What's resonating?

What challenges are you facing in implementation at [COMPANY GOES HERE]?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


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-Mike O’Connor

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Hi, I'm Mike!

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