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Why Don't More Universities Leverage These Tools?

Published about 1 month ago • 1 min read

Hey there Reader,

I trust you’ve been finding pockets of brilliance in the everyday.

I’ve been down the rabbit hole of data and emerging tools, surfacing now with some nuggets I hope you’ll find as fascinating as I do.

A Little Secret I’ve Been Sitting On: There’s this tool I’ve been leveraging for a foundational campaign, and let me tell you, the results are real! In under a month, we improved open rates from 42%-69% and had a 4.6x spike in replies. (Yes, you read that right). My favorite prompts: “Hey, are you still with [company].... are you connected with [fellow donor]?”. “Did you ever visit [local landmark to their city]?”. "I saw on LinkedIn you went to [University]. Did you you ever [University Tradition]?". Best part: It plays nice with LinkedIn, Chat GPT, and more than 50 other major platforms.

Analytics Driven Strategic Planning: Thrilled to share glimpses of an ambitious project I've embarked on, which leverages an intricate tapestry of data sets—IPEDS, Bureau of Labor Statistics, CIP-SOC Crosswalk, and ONET. I'm hoping this analysis not only uncovers the current state of academic program alignment with labor market demands but also forecasts future trends to inform strategic planning, resource allocation, etc. Here's a quick glimpse.

Cracking the Code with Chat GPT: Leveraging Chat GPT for a SWOT analysis might sound silly, until you've played with some of it's GPT Plug-ins. Here's the exact prompt I'm using to augment and speed up analysis: "“Do a detailed SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) of each of these programs with regards to [specific data point A] and [specific data point b] using the attached data set. After you've done so, also provide a high-level summary of your FINDINGS.“

Your Move, Reader: With great tools at our disposal, the question is no longer if but how we can transform the future of higher education together. What’s caught your eye?

Talk soon,


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Hi, I'm Mike!

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